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I will get you location, time and financial freedom using content creation,
so you can travel the world and live the life you want to live.

Step #1


In Step #1 you learn Igor’s productivity techniques that allowed him to post daily shorts and weekly cinematic masterpieces, while being a student, running a business, hitting the gym, having
high-quality friends and a girlfriend.

After taking this course, you will stop procrastinating, and you will be able to finish in
a single day what now takes you an entire week.

  • What is productivity

  • Write everything down

  • 80-20 Rule in content creation

  • Goal setting

  • Evening to-do list

  • Sleep more

  • Visualization

  • Shape your identity

  • Workspace optimization

  • Wake up early

  • Brain wavelengths

  • Environment always wins

  • Excellence in all areas

  • Don’t take your eyes off the task

  • Fight your brain

  • Work or digest

  • Pomodoro technique is shit

  • Habit tracker

  • Daily routine

  • Productivity during school

Step #2


In Step #2 you learn how Igor scripts his videos to keep people watching for hours and coming back for more.

After taking this course, you will finally know how to make viral content, and get people to actually listen to you, because a good script is the most important part of a good video.

  • Hook
  • Story
  • Rant
  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Proof
  • Outro

Step #3


In Step #3 you learn how Igor films his productions to make them look like Hollywood masterpieces.

These videos are the new META of content creation, as they attract all kinds of people, so you get to have more subscribers than any other YouTuber in your niche.

After taking this course, you will learn how to get the epic cinematic look in your videos which will make you stand out from the crowd of mediocre creators.

  • What makes a video “cinematic”

  • Pre-Planning

  • Storytelling through cinematography

  • Camera basics and techniques

  • Lighting

  • Composition and framing

  • Movement

  • Sound design

  • Color grading

  • Practice shots

  • Post-production workflow

  • Cinematic look on a budget

Step #4


In Step #4 you learn how Igor scaled his social media presence to gain a dedicated audience of 300k+ followers.

After taking this course you will be getting millions of views, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and you will start making $1K+ per month from YouTube ad revenue.

  • YouTube Tools

  • How To Make Your First Videos

  • How To Find Your Niche

  • Topic Is Everything

  • Polarize Your Audience

  • Solve Problems

  • Steal Like An Artist

  • Double Your Videos Double Your Income

  • Take Advantage Of AI

  • Outsource Before You Can

  • Likes Ain’t Cash

Step #5


In Step #5 you learn the most important part of a YouTube business – making money with it.

After taking this course, you will monetize your audience and make your first $10K online with it, which will take you directly to the dream lifestyle of freedom and travelling the world.

  • The Plan

  • Product Ideas

  • How To Know Which Product To Sell

  • Set up Your Shop

  • Choose The Price

  • How To Launch

  • First Sale

  • Give 10x The Value

  • How To Get Testimonials

  • How To Make Them Buy Again

  • What If No Sales / Sales Stopped

  • What If Customer Is Not Happy

  • How To Scale

But that's not everything...

You Also Get Free Bonuses

Bonus #1

1-1 Calls With Igor Rupieta

Being an active member in the Creator Community, you will be able to have exclusive 1–1 calls with Igor where he will coach only you for 1 hour straight.

This bonus may not be available in the future after more people join and since 

He used to charge $100/h of personal coaching.

Bonus #2

Group Calls 4x Per Week

There are 3 types of group calls happening inside: YouTube Lectures, Entrepreneurship Lectures, and Community Calls. During the first two Igor teaches and reviews your content. During Community Calls you can socialize and talk with other members.

In case you’re unable to make it to these calls, they will be recorded and added to the classroom section for you to watch later.

Bonus #3

Expert Guest Calls

 Get a chance to learn from other successful YouTubers and Entrepreneurs during monthly Expert Guest Calls – an opportunity you would never have on your own.

Pic: Ahmet Kaan – AI YouTube Software CEO with 54K+ Subscribers (coming to give a lecture in the community in July)

Bonus #4

YouTube Gear Course

 Stop wasting money and time on useless items. Take a look into Igor’s camera bag, get the best gear for creators and learn how to use it!

  • How to use a phone

  • Camera

  • How to use a camera

  • Lenses

  • Tripod

  • Microphone

  • How to use a microphone

  • Drone

  • Action camera

  • Filters

  • Lights

  • My filming setup

  • Accessories

  • Computer software

Bonus #5

AI Content Mastery System

Get Igor’s templates, copy & paste scripts, and step-by-step programs on how to create two times the amount of content in half the time using AI.

Bonus #6

Cinematic Signature LUTs

 Get Igor’s cinematic look in your videos thanks to his Signature Color Grading LUTs. Learn to apply them, modify them and sell them to your audience to make money yourself.

Sold for $99.99 on their own.

Bonus #7

Looksmaxxing Course

 Walk into a room full of people, and always be the most attractive man in it. Have girls message you, and ask you for your Instagram on the streets. 

That’s what you get after studying this looksmaxxing course. The results scale with you becoming more popular.

Sold For $199.99 On It’s Own.

  • Physique
  • Facial Skin
  • Hairstyle
  • Jawline
  • Beard
  • Hygiene
  • Body Language
  • Clothing
  • Social Media

Bonus #8

Aesthetic Body Workouts

Do you like calisthenics? How about weightlifting? 

These Calishtenics & Weightlifting Workout Routines will get you the insanely attractive aesthetic physique that not only you but most importantly girls will love.

Sold for $49.99 on their own.

  • Calisthenics Beginner

  • Calishtenics Intermediate

  • Calisthenics Advanced

  • Weightlifting Push

  • Weightlifting Pull

  • Weightlifting Legs

Bonus #9

Powerful Network Of Creators

Your network is your net worth, and inside of the Creator Community you get access to other successful creators. Collaborate with them, find your accountability partner, and finally make high-quality friendships as some of them already made $300K+ online.

Bonus #10

New Course Every Month

Productivity, Short Form Content, Cinematic Filming, Leadership, Speaking, $100K Online Business, and more courses are coming to the Creator Community soon!

I will release a new course at least once every month.

Maybe You Think To Yourself…

“I can learn all of this for free on YT

You’ve been doing that your whole life up to this day.
Do you have the 100k subs that those video promised?
Are you a millionaire like those videos promised?
Of course not.
The free YouTube videos are not made to educate you, they are made to get views.
So if it never worked for you, how about you try something new this time?

“I am not suited to be a creator”

Nobody is.
You’re not born being comfortable in front of the camera.
You’re not born a good speaker.
Being a creator is a skill, just like every other.
You just have to learn it – and that’s what Creator Community is for.

“I don’t have professional gear”

Casey Neistat, a YouTuber with over 12 million subscribers, says that the best camera is the one that is the one within your reach.
That being said, if you have a smartphone – that’s everything you’ll ever need.
Most student’s in the Creator Community don’t have cameras neither, they all just use their phones.

The Sooner You Join The Less You Pay

Most online communities are made to be “cash-cows” for their creators.
They allow thousands of people in, because the more people join the more money the community makes.
They promise “a community”, but there are so many members that nobody even knows each other’s names.
We are far beyond that.
We are as the name says the real Community of Creators.
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I am friends with everyone inside, and I give everyone personal advice on 1-1 calls and in direct messages.
But the only reason why I’m able to do that is because I only allow a limited amount of people in.

The Creator Community only opens for a certain amount of people every month. But the demand is increasing exponentially.
That’s why, in order to keep the community tight-knit, I have to increase the price accordingly to the demand.
Right now, it’s $37/month. Soon it will be $47/month. And who knows how much it will be in a few months?
So you can either join now and never pay more than $37,
or keep waiting for the next time it opens and have to pay more (given that you even get a spot).

Are You Ready?

The Choice Is Yours

Take Action Right Now

Or Fall Behind

Current Price

$245/m   $37/m

– Ultra High Value Courses
 – Multiple 1-1 & Group Calls Every Week
 – Community Of Like-Minded Creators
 – Personal Access To Igor Rupieta
– Guest Lectures From Professionals Every Month
 – PC & Mobile App 
– New Course Every Month

Make $1,000+ Online 90 Days From Joining
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The Creator Community Is Open
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Your Mentor’s Results

My name is Igor Rupieta. I’m 17 years old, and I come from Poland.
I made my first money at the age of 14. I was helping a local stunt scooter store grow their social media presence by being their brand’s face.
When I turned 15 I started my fashion TikTok and Instagram. In just 7 months I grew both of them to over 280K followers. That’s also when I made my first $1000 online – working with some of the top companies in Europe like Sizeer and Allegro, and drop-shipping clothing from AliExpress.
At 16, I decided to stop producing fashion content with no value, and started my cinematic self-improvement YouTube channel. Getting millions of views, recognition from industry’s top creators and helping young men from all around the world is what got me to my first $10.000 online.
Now this year, as I turned 17, I launched the Creator Community in order to teach other ambitious men my craft, and to help them achieve what I achieved myself.
My mission is to start a worldwide movement of talented content creators, so that we can all pursue our passion, and conquer the world together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most online communities are made to be “cash-cows” for their creators. They allow an infinite amount of people in, because they only care about making more money. 

We’re different though.

Inside the Creator Community, I want to actually give you personal value. That being said, I limit the number of people that can join, so that after joining I can personally help you with your problems.

I don’t know that yet.

But what I know for sure is that the price will increase in the future.

So for you it means that the sooner you join, the less you pay.

Creator Community is for guys who want to make a living as content creators, YouTubers, coaches, or agency owners.

If you liked the value I shared in my YouTube videos, Creator Community is the place for you.

Gender or nationality doesn’t matter.

It depends on how seriously you take the Creator Community. 

Many students made their money back in a couple of weeks.

Our goal is to make you $1,000 in 90 days after joining.

Not at all.

One of the best parts of being a content creator is that you can start with no money and build yourself up from there!

No, we have students as young as 15, and they’re killing it!

Remember that having social media accounts under 13 is technically illegal though.

Of course not.

This is an educational community, and you are here to learn from us.

Just follow our step-by-step guidance, and you will start a profitable business.

Igor is a high school student himself.

The methods we teach are designed for rapid execution.

So all you need is a minimum of 30 minutes a day to listen to the lessons and apply what you’ve learned.

Not at all.

In the Creator Community, we teach how to make money and content, so it doesn’t matter where you are.

If you understand what I’m saying in my videos – that’s enough.

Remember – you can always create content in your language and become the face of your niche in your country.

Yes, when you join you get instant access to everything – the courses, the calls, and me.

You can cancel your membership anytime with 1 click on our platform.

You can get your money back up to 7 days after joining. Just message Igor inside the Creator Community and he will give you your money back.

E-mail me at and I will help you with your problem.