Calisthenics & Weightlifting Workout Routines


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It’s difficult to start working out when you have no idea what to do.
That’s why I developed these routines for you – so that you can get ahead of people who try to figure out everything on their own
(just like I did, and that’s why it took me so long to get the results I have now)

This product involves my six workout routines in both video and text format that are tailored to your skill level and goals, which is all you need to achieve exceptional results:

  • Calisthenics Advanced
  • Calisthenics Intermediate
  • Calisthenics Beginner
  • Weightlifting Push
  • Weightlifting Pull
  • Weightlifting Legs

On top of that, I will:

  • Show you how to perform each exercise correctly
  • Tell you how much time you should rest between each set
  • Schedule your weeks so that you can train 3-5 times per week

What results can you expect?

Calisthenics routines focus mainly on building muscle, but also strength needed to do various cool-looking elements like muscle up, handstand, front lever etc. which makes training very enjoyable.

Weightlifting routines focus 100% on building muscle mass, so that you can build your dream physique in the shortest amount of time.

PS. This is not the typical “6min abs workout” b*llshit you can find on YouTube for free.
These are actual training routines which I follow on a daily basis.

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